Samples of Tetra Projects

With its technical assistance program which matches volunteer professionals with the disabled community, Tetra fills a large gap in the health care system for people with disabilities.  Tetra will basically take on anything which enhances one's ability to participate in all aspects of life, including work, family, community affairs, and recreation.  Needs are as numerous, as unique, and as varied as the people themselves.

However, Tetra does not compete with commercially available products because of the private services that are willing to help individuals purchase these products.  Also, Tetra will not handle projects where there is funding available to hire rehabilitation engineers, occupational therapists,  or other health professionals.  Click on a picture to learn more about some of the projects we have completed.

Modified guitar with pedal controlled strumming

Modified tricycle

Ball thrower for boy with CP

School easels

Rail-assisted bathroom transfer device

Hydraulic bed for boy with global disability

Modified hospital bed

Modified Elevating Chair

Other projects

Customized walker